November 9, 2007

Geetanjali in Bengali Unicode – A little effort

Posted in Geetanjali at 12:01 am by Prem Piyush

Hi Readers,

This blog contains the Kaviguru’s Nobel prize winning serenade to God, Geetanjali, in Bengali unicode. To the great genius Rabindranath Tagore, my efforts will be just a piece of respect after expanding its reach in the era of Internet. The word ‘Geetanjali’ is in some places written as ‘Gitanjali’ and it is as per Bengali pronunciation,its Gitanjoli. And I guess the ‘Geetanjali’ word seems better.

The need of hour is, I could not locate his original poems in Bengali unicode format on the net, though partial translations are there.

Though it will require a lot of expertise for doing the translation of his works, as per my current level of confidence, thus I shall put only the Roman transription alongwith the literal essence of the songs in Hindi and English. Please help me to let know about the authentic translations, if available to you.  

Please feel free to put comments or suggestions, regarding content or presentation.

Deepotsava, 2007



  1. Rakesh MISRA said,


    I do not know Bangla, but it was a pleasure to read your Geetanjali offering, especially since the English text was also available. Hope you are able to keep up the good work!!

    I am specifically looking for the original Bangla version of “WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR AND THE HEAD IS HELD HIGH”. Perhaps you could lay your hands on it. If you do, please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Rakesh MISRA, Chief Design Engineer, INDIAN RAILWAYS, Chennai.

  2. abhishek munjal said,

    good work done if are able to the write more about religious writings of great people born in india and other nations as well on the internet.

  3. G T said,


    This is a very good effort. I stumbled across your website in an effort to find Gitanjali written in English phonetic bengali. I can understand spoken bengali but not written. Do you know where I can find the text the way you have written Bengali words in English?
    G T

  4. Debojit said,

    Hi, i want 2 read the geetanjali poems of kobiguru in bengali, as written by me. I have some of the poems but i want to read all of em. Can u plz post them on the internet or tell me a site where i can find them????
    Dhonnobadante, Debojit

  5. Debojit said,

    Hi, i want 2 read the geetanjali poems of kobiguru in bengali, as written by HIM. I have some of the poems but i want to read all of em. Can u plz post them on the internet or tell me a site where i can find them????
    Dhonnobadante, Debojit

    (sorry the previous post i wrote “me”, it is actually “AS WRITTEN BY TAGORE HIMSELF”)

  6. sol said,

    It will be nice to we be able to put a beautiful flower to each word of this wonderful Poem.

  7. Amiruddin(amir) said,

    Bida zayed,Abudhabi,UAE

    I am from bangladesh(Gopalpur,Titas,comilla) i want to read the geetanjali poems of Rabindranath Tagore, . Can you please post them on the internet or tell me a site where i can find.

  8. sujanku said,

    excellent offer.unique in its position

  9. Diquesess said,

    Various of folks write about this matter but you said really true words!!

  10. Divya said,

    where is it??

    I see the pretext and the comments, but no Geetanjali in bangla??

  11. sourav894 said,

    I’m a Bengali, at the same time I write articles in English and poems in Hindi. It’s pleasing to know that there are thinkers in my country keeping the great culture alive. Even I’m a published Hindi poet. To catch a glimpse of my work, visit-

    Keep Walking…

  12. Rathindra Bharati said,

    প্রিয় প্রেম,
    খুব ভালো লাগলো। বাংলায় আরো কাজ আশা করব।
    তোমার রথীনদ্র ভারতী।

  13. kshirod parida said,

    I am interest to read the Geetanjali written by kabiguru in his own hand writing.
    Is it available? Is it preserved or placed some where to visit?
    I think it has a antic value for our generation.

  14. Shantanu Das said,

    Dear All,
    Please help me I need all robindra songit , But I don’t know where I will search for that.Please send me the web address.(only for bangla front)


  15. Where can I find the English Translation of the Song titled “Shokhi, Bhabona Kahare Boley…………”? In addition, does it belong to Geetanjali or not?

    Thanks in advance for your quickest and kindest response.

    Mozammel Hoque
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  16. rasa said,

    If you want to read gitanjoli in bangla, you can visit


  18. vamanan said,

    I am trying to master the Bengali script. Script along with Roman transliteration and translation are very helpful. Many many thanks to you.

  19. M. Loqman said,

    Dear Deepotsava,

    You are doing a great job. Keep it up. May I request you to try some similar jobs from the Bengali Rebel Poet Qazi Nazrul Islam also ?

    My mother tongue is Bangla. I feel proud when there is something glorious found about Bangla, specially when it is in modern media like Internet in order to show our essence and glory to the world.
    Thank you, and again, keep it up.

    May God bless you

    With regards,

    M. Loqman

    (a Bangladeshi national, currently employed in Oman)

  20. said,

    of course like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to inform the reality nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

  21. Wangsun said,

    I like your coments

  22. tapan kumar ball said,

    I made a bit effort to find the bengali version of the Gitanjali but failed to have it. Whereas I got the english version. Pl suggest. I would like to say: “it could be considered as the way to easier access of Tagore’s works for those whoever are interested and at least in search”. warm regards

  23. Kirit said,

    it’s a very good favorite poet is Ravindranath his all books are my favorite.but this book is uncommon for me.

  24. S K Mishra said,

    Nice effort. After listening some poems of Geetanjali from a Bengali friend I fell in love with the book. I am searching for the original Bengali PDF of the book. It is good of you that you have made an effort in this direction. Translation and transliteration are very helpful for people like us to read and understand the poet.

    • Prem Piyush said,

      Thanks Sir for the encouraging words !

      Let me know, if I can let you know, from where you can get the hard copy of it, with Orginal Handwriting of the Mahakavi Tagore.

      • pradeep khurana said,

        Dear Prem Piyush Ji
        I completely enjoyed the Bengali Geetanjali in English Script. I have been looking for such an effort for long time. Unfortunately i could see only 1st few lines only of the whole book. Being able to understand Bangla somewhat I try to understand the Kaviraj Rabindranath Thakur’s true expressions. Please let me know if there is complete such version available. thanks

  25. Raju santra said,

    Hi I want read The Getanjali of kobiguru Rabundranath Tagor .Please give me a way to read the book .

  26. Prasanta midya said,

    I shall read gitanjali

  27. Prasanta midya said,


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